3 Reasons to Use a Film Camera on Your Honeymoon

You might be thinking, “Rachel, there are filters for the film look! How will I know if I got THE shot?”. I’m here to tell you why disconnecting from the review screen helps you enjoy your trip and images even more.

Here are 3 reasons to use a film camera on your honeymoon or next big trip.

1. Vintage Vibe

Looking at my honeymoon pictures from Bermuda is like jumping into a photo album from the past — the colors, the candid feeling — it makes my sweaty face and salty hair look cute. Film is imperfectly imperfect and communicates the emotion of the moment. It doesn't try too hard like an overly-edited phone selfie. It is simple and charming.

To get these beautiful tones in your film pictures, I recommend using Kodak Ultramax or Kodak Portra.

2. One and Done

Not everyone loves taking 10 photos to choose one. Whether it’s a grumpy partner or you prefer experience over documentation, a film camera limits how many photos you take. I used 4 rolls of film (144 images) on my two week honeymoon, and that was plenty!

3. How do I look?

Taking pictures can sometimes be stressful (and isn’t my favorite if I’m in a bikini). With film, there is no instant gratification but also no body shaming. You’re more likely to look back on your photos and cherish the memory rather than comment on how you look.

Film has had a cult-like revival in the past few years. The price of cameras and film has skyrocketed and there is a growing online community of young film-shooters on YouTube. I get it! People are sick of trying to look perfect. To a new group of GenZers, perfect is sterile and boring. Not only do they appreciate the classic look of film, they prefer that it depicts everyday life in a realistic, poetically imperfect way.

From young hikers lugging a heavy 50-year old camera to shoot film to trending flash fashion photography at the Met Gala, film is getting the attention it deserves.

So my hope in writing all of this (from my keyboard as a self-proclaimed "film-evangelist") is that you try film with no digital backup. You live in the moment and capture life slowly. You cry when you receive the scans and you are satisfied with how you remember that day. I assure you, your digital camera's review screen will not make your trip any more fun. XX

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