Why use film?

With the megapixel count of digital cameras rising every year, why would so many photographers go back to shooting film?

Realistic isn't always better



Timeless colors

Because every film negative is unique, it makes even the smallest moments feel special.

My digital camera is so powerful that when I zoom in, I can see every one of your pores.

Digital cameras are reliable but are they always pretty? No.

Not only does film make skin look luminous and healthy, it also has colors that never go out of style.

lake district with boats

A limited number of frames enables me to slow down and focus on lighting & composition the core elements of A good photo.

How do you Create a cohesive gallery?

I use the film scan as a color reference.

Drag the slider to EDIT

Film scan

Digital BEFORE

Digital AFTER

I take pride in my editing.

Can you guess which is film and which is digital?

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Like the warm sound of vinyl, film has soul.

As much as I try to match film and digital, sometimes the film images outshine them.

Each film stock's unique quality gives the picture character.

That's why it's my favorite medium to use on wedding days.

From travel to personal moments with family and friends,

film captures people best.

sangria on film

Love the look?