ALl the warm fuzzies


Super 8 refers to the type of consumer grade cameras that run 8mm motion picture film. The look is slightly jumpy and incredibly charming. With the grainy visuals and a fun soundtrack, there’s a warm nostalgia even Christmas morning couldn’t compete with.

Add Super 8 to your wedding package if

you want to…

Ditch paper Save-the-Dates.


Trying to go eco-friendly? Send your friends and family a little engagement video to welcome them to your love party. (I can make a shorter edit for the email and longer edit for you!).

serenbe engagement

Create a home video.


Your most cherished pictures will often be the most personal ones, which is why I love capturing sweet moments inside a couple’s house or at an engagement BBQ with family and friends.

Document the most intimate parts of your wedding day.


In combination with or without a digital videographer, a Super 8 video is the perfect medium to show the “getting ready”, first look and ceremony parts of your day. It's a highlight reel of the most sentimental moments with your favorite people.

Super 8 video is emotion you can see.

Super 8 is best suited for daytime activities a walk in the botanical gardens or the first half of your wedding day.

Starting at $850.

Once we speak about what you want to cover, I can estimate how much film I’ll need.

Your price includes all shooting, developing, color-correcting, custom graphics and video editing costs.