rent a film camera for your holiday

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Film Camera and Kit

Take film photos without the hassle.

Everything you need for your next adventure in one kit.



What's included?

rent a film camera


- 35mm Canon film camera + lens + strap

- Color film (choose quantity at checkout)

- Travel case

Technical Help

A print and video guide on how to operate the camera and create an album

DEvelopment and printS

Development, editing and prints of all photos from a professional lab

All shipping

Door-to-door shipping costs for camera and film (shipping stickers included for your convenience)

A CLIP from the INstructional

video you'll receive

Rent this kit if...


You want the film look, but you're worried about settings.

These are automatic cameras with auto-focus and auto-metering to give you crisp, natural images. They were made for novice photographers like tourists and parents capturing graduation photos in the early 2000’s.

You want some support.


Included in this package is a video tutorial that explains how to use the camera and a written guide in case you want to save the tips to your phone. Once you get your scans back, check out my review of so you can make a coffee table book.

You want to disconnect from tech.


This is the main reason I shot film on my honeymoon — I wanted to devote my full attention to my partner. Choosing film helped me enjoy the moment and I loved every single picture from the trip. Read the full blog here: 3 Reasons to Use a Film Camera on Your Honeymoon.

You’ll be taking pictures outside.


Film loves the sun and handles outdoor light in a very flattering way. That means a shaded taco stand in CDMX, a bright beach day in Jamaica or a rainy day exploring London. Want some night photos as well? A flash is included on the camera.

You want an easy shipping button.


All postage to ship the camera and film is included in the price. All you have to do is drop the film at the post office when you return from your trip, and your edited prints and negatives will be mailed to your door within 2 weeks.

rent a film camera

Your honeymoon will be as memorable as your wedding day.

Remember it with something fun!



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