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Rachel Monteagudo.

My name is

I’ve always been a creative nerd. From AP Sculpture in high school to travel vlogs around the world ...

I've dabbled in many creative pursuits, but I love the excitement of taking photos of people on their wedding day.

You could say I won the job lottery!

relaxing and comfortable.

Working with me is

The most important thing that I give my clients is peace of mind.

I frequently switch between candid and posed shots. This will give you the gallery of your dreams while allowing you the freedom to be yourself.

A wedding isn't a photoshoot. That's why I make sure to never get in the way of you enjoying your wedding.




Love my bright editing style. They want photos that have a light and joyful feel. They get married in places with lots of light and want to take portrait shots outside.

Have a vision. They make choices based on their shared personalities. They are willing to do what feels right, whether than means embracing or bucking tradition.

signing a marriage certificate in Bermuda

i almost didn't get married ...

because of a Category 4 hurricane.

There are many things that could have stopped my British husband and I from committing our lives to each other — a giant ocean, a five-hour time difference, the bloated visa process or a worldwide pandemic.

After being COVID-restricted from each others' countries in 2020, we eloped to Bermuda. Nothing like a hurricane forecast to *almost* seal our demise. We got so lucky the hurricane passed quicker than expected.

My Favorite thing to take pictures of is

the ocean.

Wanna know why? Watch my video about underwater photography.

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